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Conference Title: Thematic perspectives around food and cuisine

17-18 May 2018


The interdisciplinary character of food studies has not only connected distinct theories and practices, but also has provided us with tools to rethink on existence. Food studies have become increasingly sophisticated when it is thought and studied in various disciplines such as philosophy, sociology, cultural studies, anthropology, history, literary theory, media and communication studies, political science, and psychology. Our ultimate aim in this conference is to investigate the deeper theoretical underpinnings of the connections between ontology and epistemology, nature and culture, material and symbolic, personal and political, self and other, fear and joy, anxiety and pleasure, experience and meaning, representation and performance, and senses, aesthetics and ethics. Therefore, papers attempt to discuss theoretical, methodological and thematic questions concerning food and taste, cooking and eating.



Organizing Committee:

Ayşegül Baykan (Yildiz Technical University)

Defne Karaosmanoğlu (Kadir Has University)

İrem İnceoğlu (Kadir Has University)

Kerem Karaosmanoğlu (Yildiz Technical University)

M. Sait Özervarlı (Yildiz Technical University)


Scientific Committee:

Ayşegül Baykan (Yildiz Technical University)

Birgit Krawietz (Freie Universitaet)

Brigida Marovelli (Trinity College, Dublin)

Burak Özçetin (Kadir Has University)

Defne Karaosmanoğlu (Kadir Has University)

Elif Akçalı (Kadir Has University)

Eleni Varmazi (Bahçeşehir University)

İlkay Kanık (Beykent University)

İrem İnceoğlu (Kadir Has University)

Kerem Karaosmanoğlu (Yildiz Technical University)

Konstantinos Gogos (University of Athens)

Mark Lewis Soileau (Hacettepe University)

M. Sait Özervarlı (Yildiz Technical University)

Setenay Nil Doğan (Yildiz Technical University)

Teyfur Erdoğdu (Yildiz Technical University)

Yusuf Öz (Yildiz Technical University)



Conference Program


Kadir Has University

17-18 May 2018


17 May 2018, Thursday



Opening Speech

Ayşegül Baykan (Yıldız Technical University)   



Session I: 10:15-11:30

Studying Food: Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives

Moderator: Setenay Nil Doğan (Yıldız Technical University) 


Defne Karaosmanoğlu (Kadir Has University)

Food and Research: Questions of Epistemology


Özgür Budak (Ege University)

Experience and Habitus: A Realist Approach to Consumption


TEKAL (Teyfur Erdoğdu Concept Research Lab.) (Yıldız Technical University)

Gluttony: Defining Features, Cultural Variations


Questions and Discussion


Session II: 11:30-12:50

Visual Approaches: Food, Media and Art

Moderator: Teyfur Erdoğdu (Yıldız Technical University)


Yusuf Öz (Yıldız Technical University)

To Eat or Not to Eat: Refusal to Eat as a Cinematic Sign


Defne Tüzün (Kadir Has University)

Without Her Food, Without Her Words: Orality, Speaking and Abjection in Repulsion


Eleni Varmazi (Bahçeşehir University)

Taste, Memory and Cooking Recipes in Fictional TV Series: The Case of Samurai Gourmet (TV Mini-Series, 2017)


Questions and Discussion


12:50-14:00 Lunch


Session III: 14:00-15:20

Food as Identity, Food as Representation

Moderator: Yusuf Öz (Yıldız Technical University)


Kerem Karaosmanoğlu (Yıldız Technical University)

Conspiracy Theorizing Through Food: Facts, Myths and the Industry


Evrim Ölçer Özünel (Gazi University)

Community, Identity or Commodity: Representations of Traditional Food in UNESCO’s Gastronomy Cities


Sedef Erdoğan Giovanelli (Özyeğin University)

Culinary Heritage Management in Turkey: Cultural Policy and Online Representation of Food Culture


Questions and Discussion


15:20-15:40 Coffee Break


Session IV: 15:40-17:00

Special Panel: Reflections from the Field (Sahadan İzlenimler) (in Turkish)

Moderator: Tülin Ural (Mimar Sinan University)


Nilhan Aras (Metro Gastro Dergisi ve Metro Kültür Yayınları’nın Yayın Yönetmeni ve Editörü

Yasmina Lokmanoğlu (Mersin Kent Konseyi Başkanı)

Burak Zafer Sırmaçekici (Danışman Şef) 


18 May 2018, Friday


Session V: 10:00-11:40

Different Experiences of Production and Consumption

Moderator: Elif Akçalı (Kadir Has University)


Fazıl Baş (Yıldız Technical University)

A comparison of the Debates on Prohibition of Alcoholic Beverages in the USA and Turkey


Emel Mutlu (Yıldız Technical University)

Revisiting Beer: Craft Beer Drinkers' Profile, Motivation and Experience in Turkey


Kübra Sultan Yüzüncüyıl (Sakarya University)

Experiences of a Particular Food Consumption: Sattva Centered Eating Habits in Sakarya


Büşra Şavlı (Kadir Has University)

A Taste for the “Real”: Artisan Bread Production in İstanbul


Session VI: 11:40- 13:00

Food and Popular Culture

Moderator: Kerem Karaosmanoğlu (Yıldız Technical University)


İrem İnceoğlu (Kadir Has University) -Elif Akçalı (Kadir Has University) Nationalism as an Ingredient: The Case of Yemekteyiz


Orhan Tekelioğlu (Sakarya University)

Would it be the Eats that is the Taste of Come, dine with me (Yemekteyiz)?


Setenay Nil Doğan (Yıldız Technical University)

(Reflections on) Culinary Masculinity: Celebrity Chefs in Turkey


Questions and Discussion


13:00-14:00 Lunch


Session VII: 14:00-15:40

Food and Politics

Moderator: İrem İnceoğlu (Kadir Has University)


Mark Lewis Soileau (Hacettepe Üniversitesi)

Making Süryani Wine: The Long Fermentation of Historical Identity


Levent Soysal (Kadir Has University)

Tea, Chocolate, Bread, and Coffee Revolutions: Experience, Observation, Theory


Ezgi Tuncer (Kadir Has University)

Food, Act and Biopolitics


Ayçe Koroglu (Yıldız Technical University)

Contemporary Feminist Politics of Veganism: Carol J. Adams' The Sexual Politics of Meat and Alternative Approaches


Questions and Discussion


15:40-16:00 Coffee Break


Session VIII: 16:00- 17:30

Philosophy and Literary Theory

Moderator: Levent Soysal (Kadir Has University)


Ayşegul Baykan (Yıldız Technical University)

At the Intersection of Food and Philosophy: Recent Debates


Tülin Ural (Mimar Sinan University)

The Food Scenes in Orhan Pamuk Narratives: How does the Istanbul Bourgeoisie Eat and Feel?


Closing Remarks


Murat Belge (Bilgi University)

The Decline and Rise of Culinary Interest in Turkey 


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